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How can I make an appointment?

If you have already chosen the desired tattoo artist, you can schedule your appointment by phone +381649259283, or via email You need to give us the date that suits you and a short description of the tattoo you want with a few photos that give the best idea what you want. You can schedule the due date not more than three months in advance.

The prices of tattoos?

The starting price is 30 euros, and the final price depends on the choice of the artist, size of the tattoo, style, details, complexity and the body region where you want the tattoo.

Estimating of the price is agreed with the chosen artist, with prior booking. If the arrival isn’t possible, you have to send via e-mail the details about the tattoo, so that we can determine the final price of the tattoo.

Payment is possible only with cash.

Do I have to give a deposit on a date that I have scheduled?

Yes, the deposit amount is 25% of total price, and it's paid at the scheduled time, in our studio.

The deposit is reduced from total tattoo price, and is non-refundable if you cancel your appointment.

If you are prevented from attending the studio before the scheduled appointment, every agreement is possible.

Is it possible to be tattooed without the previous scheduling?

Yes, it is possible. The principle of walk-in, without scheduling, is possible if you come directly to the studio. The first available artist will approach the cooperation, but in that occasion you have no choice of choosing a tattoo master.

Is the tattooing allowed only to adults?

According to our laws, tattooing people under the age of 18 is forbidden. In order to be able to tattoo a minor, it is necessary for him/her to come with the parent, who will give us the requiring consent.Also, they need to have an ID card, or another valid document for the purpose of determining age.

Is tattooing painful?

Yes, but it depends on several factors: the duration of the tattooing, style of the tattoo, and from the part of the body that you are tattooing… However, this does not need to worry you. During the process while your body goes through pain, your brain lights up with endorphins, so whole experience will be much more pleasant.

Are there any preparations for tattooing?

We insist that our clients have a strong meal before tattoing, and that they are hydrated during the treatment.

It is not recomended to drink alcohol 24 hours before tattooing, because blood is diluted, bleeding is more abundant, which aftects color, tattoo quality, and also requires longer healing process.

If you feel dizzy during tattooing, it is good to eat something sweet, or to drink juice (sugar is great in such situations) and make sure to inform the artist about your condition.

We advise you to comply with these guidelines, in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Are there any insructions for maintaining the tattoos?

Of course. Instructions for maintaining tattoos will be given at the end of a treatment, and it is very important that you adhere to it.

How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

Tattoos need two weeks to heal, and it takes several months for the skin to get completely recovered.